My Wedding in Low Quality Photos

Being pregnant at 19 years old is probably the mother of all social stigmas, specially in a country like the Philippines. And everyone would tell you that it’s always harder for the girl because she would be judged harder, more and more and more as the baby grows inside her uterus.

But you know what? Fuck all that ’cause I’m having the time of my life! See this instagram photo?

Also this one?

I’m at my happiest right now and no amount of gossip and judgy-ness and hate can ruin that. Also, I’m not saying that you all should just go ahead and make babies, but after the congenital scan, what with the results indicating that our future baby boy is as healthy as they come, Joel and I couldn’t be any more happier.
Pitch in the fact that I get to wake up next to the love of my life, my one great love everyday and take care of him and that my family loves him and everything is going peachy and you would wonder how one person could walk around with this many happy hormones.
Settling down this early may not have been in our plans, but we always knew that this where we’d end up. 
And to mommy and daddy, I swear I’d still make you proud. Love you both.

We The Kings!

A post that’s more than a month overdue. Better late than never!

Opening act!

Judge a band on their live performances, one should.
Here’s to We the Kings and their cute crew members. :>
I promise myself that I would never become too much of a snob to hate We the Kings. Even with their annoying, bordering on Belieber level, fan girls.
Also, screw that girl who sang We’ll Be A Dream with them! Her notes were so off and Travis knew it! Ugh! Such a shame.

Tricycle Blues

Ayaw kong sumasakay sa loob ng tricycle, dun ako sa “back ride” parati. At lagi lagi na lang akong tinatanong ng mga driver at ng mga tao kung bakit ayaw ko sa loob with a tone indicating na mas maaliwalas ang buhay dun sa loob. Kaya eto, gagawa ako ng blog post na magdedefend ng likod ng tricycle.

  1. Hindi nyo ba napapansin na ang instinct ng mga bata na sasakay ng tricycle e ang magpaunahan sa back ride? Oo. Ganun na nga. Mas masaya kasi talaga sa likod. Miski mga bata, alam ang katotohanan na yun.
  2. Ayaw ko talaga ng may katabi sa tryke. Parang awa nyo na. Yung mga tricycle dito sa Villamor, mahilig magpuno. Sa likod, less yung chances na may makakatabi ako kasi nga, lahat sila, gusto sa loob. Diba? Swerte mo kung yung makakatabi mo sa loob e flight attendant na naka-Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, e kung hindi? Sa cramped na space na yun, good luck na lang sa ilong mo.
  3. Kung nasa likod ka, may makatabi ka mang hindi kaaya-aya, okay lang! Magfocus ka na lang sa daan at since open air yun, marami ka pang mas malinis na hanging pwedeng langhapin.
  4. Ayaw ko nga ng may katabi, diba? Kasi kung nasa loob ka, tas may biglang sumakay, edi nasiksik ka na paloob. Imagine-in mo muna. E pano kung mauuna kang bumaba tas yung katabi, wala man lang kahit konting courtesy sa buto at hindi man lang bumaba kasi nga ang sikip-sikip? Para kang nagpapakamatay nun. Untog untog at sangkatutak na scratch sa binti at braso abot mo. No, thanks. E kung nasa likod ka? Kahit may katabi ka, hindi hassle bumaba!
  5. Lagi talaga akong nauuntog pero never pa ako nauntog sa back ride.
Akala ko maraming advantages yung back ride pero yan lang pala. Sige, bye na. Pag nakaisip pa ko, ieedit ko na lang to.

My Day in Seemingly Coherent Paragraphs

It’s every Pinoy teleserye’s plot. The child-out-of-wedlock bida, usually a girl, is being made api by everyone. She will cry a lot of tears at first! She will get slapped. She will get bad mouthed. Her ka-loveteam has a different girl friend but is making googly eyes at her. Her temper will then run out and she will start showing everyone that she is not trash. Because she’s not. Her hair’s always awesome.
I just ruined my intro. Anyway, it was supposed to end with, “I’m so glad my life’s not like a Pinoy teleserye.”

Today was one of those days that I like to call, “Quality Time with my Half Family.” And I don’t call them half family because the other half died or are somewhere else, they’re my half family because they consist of my dad, two half brothers, one half sister, and I’m not really related by blood with Tita Lilia, soo. Haha.
Kuya Ton went home for the weekend to deal with wedding shiz and everytime he’s here in the Philippines, he always makes sure to make time for lunch/dinner with the whole family plus me. :”> It’s extra sweet because for my whole 18 years of existence, the first time we ever got to meet was when he treated me to a Singapore trip as a birthday gift. Ever since, lunch/dinner everytime he’s here has become some sort of tradition.
We had lunch at Via Mare, and it was really fun. They have a lot of food that I don’t like. Kare-kare, oysters, etc. But, out of so much urging from my kuyas and their girlfriends, I finally gave in and tried the oysters. It. Was. AWESOME! And I had a really good time. Ever since my dad got his heart attack, he’s been really health conscious. And of course, the joke that is my weight got full attention. First, he put half a rice, some tapa, shrimp, and veggies lang and said, “Yan lang sayo. HAHA!” But then everyone just kept saying, “Daddy, ano ba yan! Walang diet diet dito!” After 5 minutes, he just started giving me EVERYTHANG. From the crispy pata to the binagoongang somethings. Another baboy daaay.
I have the power to see through people. I know when someone’s being fake. You won’t know how much it means to me to KNOW that these people aren’t just doing this for daddy’s sake. They invite me to lunches, to go to their house, just because they want to. I always feel like tearing up when I make beso to Tita Lilia and she never fails to really kiss my cheek and go for a long hug. But of course, I don’t because that would be laaame. Even Ate Lisa, who my dad calls Hitler, started giving me genuine smiles na. :”> She even gave me this awesome bracelet that she made last last time!
I would also like to mention here that Kuya Ton’s fiancée has made it to my list of the most awesome people to ever walk the earth. As I told Joel kanina, in real life, in-laws are supposed to hate each other. Heck, even in fiction, it happens! The Ginny Fleur hate? Yah? And considering that I’m only her half-sister-in-law, extra hate rights! I would totally get it if she was all like, “Ew, why did you make her go here to Singapore? Ew, why does she have to sleep in our room?!” But, no. In fact, I find myself always talking to her because we have a lot in common. :”> It’s the best.
I saw this quote/typo/whateveryoucallit once on Tumblr that goes something like, “I’ve made the best of friends with people whom I thought I never would and drifted away from people I always thought I’d stay forever friends with.” It feels good, doesn’t it? Being liked by people whom you know should be programmed to hate you. Finding home in an unexpected place.
I’ve always had a hard time of finding a place where I belong. It gives me so much joy that my half family’s on the list. :”>
This post has too many :”>s,