Top 5 Favorite Apps (on every platform)

High Fidelity is one of my many favorite books/movies so I decided to pay homage to it by compiling my own “Top 5’s” from time to time and I shall start with my Top 5 favorite applications. This list is an all-around-er which means the apps came from various categories. Enjoy! (Whut bakit may enjoy) Please punch me in the face if used the word homage wrong. Thanks.

1. 8tracks – Before I downloaded this app, I only listened to 8tracks when I’m bored with the music that I have or when I’m in search of new songs, but now? I listen to 8tracks ALL THE TIME. The app fixes every “problem” I had with using 8tracks from Digby. The app is much more user-friendly and intuitive than the actual website, I can listen to it from my iPod which means I can listen to it everywhere I go, plus it doesn’t add up to my already overcrowded tabs. How cool is that?!
In case you were wondering, this is my favorite mix. That was also the first mix I heard from 8tracks. 🙂

2. Monsters Ate My Condo (M.A.M.C.) If it weren’t so difficult to come up with my Top 5 favorite mobile games, I would’ve just done that list. But since I decided to make an all-encompassing list, I just put my as-of-the-moment favorite game. M.A.M.C. is everything that a mobile game should be: it passes the time, the controls are intuitive, and a lot of things are happening, in a good way, so it caters even the shortest of attention spans. Tutorials are given by a geisha finger. It’s awesome! Also, it’s free in the app store for now, so no excuses!
If you do decide to download it after reading this, my favorite monster is the blue one ’cause he’s the best! Here’s the android link nga pala. 😀

3. Camera + I’m not exactly a pro when it comes to photography, but of all the photography apps I found when I googled “best photography apps,” this one’s my choice.

4. All-in Yoga Why pay for yoga classes when you can just buy an app and do it from the comfort of your own room? It’s much cheaper (I think) plus it saves you the embarassment of doing certain positions with a bunch of strangers. Also, I’m not exactly the running type of person and the only sports I have are swimming and tennis and I can’t find someone to do it with all of the time so this is perfect for me.
You must have discipline and conviction, though. What’s the use of buying the app if you would just let laziness and the temptation of your bed win all the time?
5. Stickies and Clippy Plus – Just like any other person who gets exceptionally giddy when shopping for school supplies, I have a thing for sticky notes. BUT they ALWAYS get lost. Between my cousins and an OC Ate Lina who thinks almost everyhing is trash, it’s hard to keep track of everything. That’s why this app is heaven sent. Digital post its–they don’t get wet, crumpled, and Ate Lina can’t throw them away. It’s perfect.
If you want something that has more features, though, I would recommend Evernote. I used to use Evernote all the time but then iOS 5 came, then my planner got abandoned so I just uninstalled it. Hehe. Evernote’s great, though. You can feed it anything and it syncs information on all your devices. Basically the must-have app pre-iOS 5.
Also, you would notice that I’m cheating here a bit ’cause I have another app, listed: Clippy Plus. I just feel like they go together. Clippy Plus is just an app that keeps track of the things you copy on your laptop. I find it really handy because I copy a lot of things and I used to go back and forth and back forth but with Clippy Plus, I can just go Command+1, 2, 3, and so on. 🙂 If you would notice the lack of screenshot on this one, I just didn’t feel comfortable sharing my notes and copied things here. :))
Aaaaaand that’s it for my list! It was really hard trimming them down but I did it anyway. As runners-up I have:
  • MyFitnessPal – It’s a calorie counter and when I feel like consuming a whole bag of Oreos, I just look at it and do yoga instead. Right on, self-discipline! Also, when you eat too little, the app warns you that it’s unhealthy and scares you and stuff. :))
  • Pink Pad – Gad this list is about to get girly. Period tracker. K.
  • The Video Cookbook – !!! Need I say more? An app with dozens of recipes with video and a narrator with an Australian accent. So kyot.
  • Fruit Ninja – Just because.

Thoughts on the Corona Impeachment Trial

I never liked Chief Justice Corona. I always thought that it was highly inappropriate for a Chief Justice to act like a ruddy politician. He is the judge of all judges and should therefore act like one. But he never did act like peak of morality, did he? He embraced the media plus, he was one of them “midnight appointees.” Surely, everybody knows that a person who does not choose to take the high road is unfit for the position of Chief Justice? When the supposedly most righteous, most virtuous man in the country is corrupt, you have got to think twice.

And when the man got impeached, most of the Filipinos rejoiced. Netizens tweeted away, exclaiming how it was a victory for our country. But is it really? Is it really a victory? I don’t know much about politics because I’m as shallow as a rain-formed pond, but is it normal for a 19-year-old to have witnessed the impeachment of the top positions in the two most powerful branches of the government? Is it normal for a country to hold two impeachment trials in the span of what, 10 years?

Let’s say our Chief Justice got acquitted. It would have been a bummer that he got away because of a loop hole. But isn’t it a bummer rin that he was found guilty by senator-judges that might have only voted guilty because it would be good for their political image to do so? Isn’t it a bummer that this whole impeachment trial might have been nothing but a political move by the current administration? Isn’t it a bummer that in this country, you’re only as good as your allies? Had Corona been on the side of the yellows, would this have happened? Had the public taken Corona’s side, would the senator judges have voted otherwise? Did they really fervently study the case or did they just do what they thought the public wants?

In the words of Senator Miriam:

I am deeply disappointed that on at least three occasions, the prosecution claimed that its documents came from an anonymous source.  Are you for real?  Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.  False in one thing, false in all things.

Did the other senator-judges take that into consideration? We all heard Villar’s speech; was it a declaration of verdict or the start of his campaign? Did anyone else notice that two out of three of the acquittal voters are the only ones who aren’t re-electionists and the other one is a Marcos?

It says in Dan Brown’s book Deception Point that one corrupt politcian means that all politicians are corrupt. Yes, I am clearly aware that real life is different from fiction but this scenario is only supposed to happen in crime fiction books. A country’s chief justice on an impeachment trial? C’mon.

One corrupt politician means that all politicians are corrupt. Did this event instill hope in our countrymen or did it just make us all the more cynical and apathetic? I don’t know.

In other news, I heard there was another Pacquiao fight coming up. Nothing like a Pacquiao victory to make the Filipinos forget.