Two people on the table next to mine and they’re not even talking. One is typing on her lap, the other, a little more traditional, is writing endlessly on her old little notebook. She looks deep in thought and in the zone since she does more writing than observing the people around her, which is a lot more than what can be said about me. Also, she’s right handed, all of these people are, which is a bit disappointing because seeing another left handed person always manages to cheer me up.

Another man is having a drink that looks like iced tea along with a chocolate chip cookie and that doesn’t make sense because cookies and pastries and cakes go best with coffee. Clearly, this man doesn’t know how to enjoy food, he just mindlessly consumes them.

A coffee shop is theoretically a good place to study in, and that is exactly what this well-dressed Chinese man in his 20s seems to be doing. He seems to mature to be still in college so my money’s in law school. I would love for him to represent me someday if need be, he seems really responsible, to be able to actually study without stopping and stalling in a coffee shop.

The lady opposite me, around my age, large headphones on, engrossed in her Dell laptop, seems to be doing exactly what I’m doing which is just killing the time. I really envy her badass headphones, I would probably learn playing this song I’ve had on repeat for two hours now much easier with those acoustics. And now I’m having an internal struggle on whether or not I should chat her up just so I could have a go at her headphones, and that’s probably a bad idea since life is not a romantic comedy–people don’t actually meet other people in coffee shops. A popular, and becoming increasingly annoying, line that’s been circulating around Tumblr, and the Internet, everywhere goes something like, “I wear these headphones and put the volume on maximum so I could shut the outside world up.” I wonder if people ever just do this to shut themselves up ’cause listening is way better than talking and just fucking things up?

It’s been half an hour since your last message and looking at our wedding ring is doing more depressing than comforting now. I’m sorry. Everything is always my fault and I’m not just saying that, it’s really true. Turning 20 in a month, becoming a mom in more or less than two months, and I’m tearing up in a coffee shop. I don’t really see why anyone would want to marry me and for you to do it so happily, even fighting just for it to happen, just shows how kind of a person really are.

Please come home early, baby. I love you. And I really hope these people around me will have a happy place they can go home to as well.