The Man-Made Wonder that is the Boar-Bristle Brush

Now, if you know me personally, you probably know that my hair is untame-able. For hair that never experienced any kind of treatment, just the occassional blow out, it’s a mess. But you know, I’m probably the most oblivious person you’d ever meet.

You see, I was raised by television. I grew up watching animé and there, no matter what you do, your hair will always stay the same. Whether you’re working your ass off to gather the seven warriors of the Suzaku clan whilst fighting of the evil but incredibly charismatic Nakago or simply shouting your lungs off to cheer for Rukawa, your hair always looked awesome. Miaka had a lot of misfortunes and most of them involving her getting thrown into the ground, the wall, all over the place, but her buns never got messed up. And if they did, they did so in a fabulous way.

And then came the real world shows, particularly, Gossip Girl. If you have watched even just a single episode of this show, you’d understand where my ridiculously unrealistic expectations about hair are coming from: Serena van der Woodsen.

Somehow, spending enough time obsessing about this goddess made me think that if her hair was that good, how bad could mine get?
See, this is the messiest that it got. She was supposedly so drunk that she couldn’t remember seeing Dan for the first time????? THAT’S HER DRUNK HAIR AND FACE
Do you see?? Do you see how television ruins people????? I somehow got into thinking that if my hair was decent enough when I left the house, it would stay that way. And I. I. I spent the last 20 years parading my grossly frizzy hair around like an idiot.
It wasn’t until recently that I became TRULY conscious of my looks, you see. Before, I had the occassional “Gah! I’m so ugly! I should do something about it,” moments but laziness and pop culture influence prevailed. I am now in deep regret.
Someone pointed out to me that the reason my hair looks double-dead is that I shampoo too much without conditioning. I shampoo my hair every time I shower and shampoo it twice on night showers. Twenty years of that (well not really 20 but you get my point). I also stubbornly refuse to use conditioner because it makes me feel greasy. Ajuju.
If you’re like me, I suggest you read this article. I still don’t know if all of it works but my biggest takeaway from it is the boar bristle brush. I’ve always been amazed by how blown out hair looks different from normal at nasa brush pala ang sikreto.
BWAHAHAHA. Wala lang. Ang haba haba ng intro ko yun lang naman pala point ng post ko. Haha.
Anyway, it really works!!! I swear! Try it! Worth the extra buck from synthetic brushes. :>
Check this out. Five minutes lang sya of brushing after I bought it kanina. Haha.

Sorry. This was the best kunyari-candid shot I could do–that’s how bad I am at it. #nofilter #allnatural #nomakeup #myblogmyrulz

One of the best decisions I made. At least medyo decent na yung buhok ko dyan sa pictures. Haha.
Raised by my mother as a Goody girl, I bought the one from Goody. I don’t have any other recommendations, since I have not the money, energy, nor the motivation to try other brands. You should probably just ask the sales people around kung ayaw nyo ng Goody. Hehe.
PS Terribly sorry for the horror story that is the capitalization of the title of this post. Which words to capitalize in titles have always been one of the many gray areas of grammar for me. Am I using gray area right?

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