It kind of sucks that I’m not equipped with the skills required to maintain friendships. It’s just that, I’m one of those people who panic at the thought of running out of things to talk about. I wouldn’t want to have a cup of coffee with an old dear friend, and then a reasonable amount of minutes, we start avoiding eye contact and start commenting on the weather. I’m so scared of that happening that I don’t even try.

It also sucks that I only get to know about some of my friends’ lives through their blogs or through the Facebook or Twitter. Everything sucks. My best friend’s blog is the most beautifully depressing thing in the world right now and I can’t be there for him. One of my girl best friends, if my instincts are correct, has finally worked up the courage to go for what truly makes her happy. And I don’t get to hear her kilig stories first hand. Eunice is already OJT-ing. I don’t know if Anna’s still with Kuya Arwin or if Pech is having any luck in any aspect of his life. Cheska now has, if we’re to believe Twitter and Tumblr, a perfect boyfriend. And I don’t even know what’s going on with Ate She.

What is wrong with me?