My Wedding in Low Quality Photos

Being pregnant at 19 years old is probably the mother of all social stigmas, specially in a country like the Philippines. And everyone would tell you that it’s always harder for the girl because she would be judged harder, more and more and more as the baby grows inside her uterus.

But you know what? Fuck all that ’cause I’m having the time of my life! See this instagram photo?

Also this one?

I’m at my happiest right now and no amount of gossip and judgy-ness and hate can ruin that. Also, I’m not saying that you all should just go ahead and make babies, but after the congenital scan, what with the results indicating that our future baby boy is as healthy as they come, Joel and I couldn’t be any more happier.
Pitch in the fact that I get to wake up next to the love of my life, my one great love everyday and take care of him and that my family loves him and everything is going peachy and you would wonder how one person could walk around with this many happy hormones.
Settling down this early may not have been in our plans, but we always knew that this where we’d end up. 
And to mommy and daddy, I swear I’d still make you proud. Love you both.

Blog Rec: Hard Truths from Soft Cats

This blog has been idle for so long. Bad blogger, Venus. Bad blogger. So, while I go off and finish my long forgotten drafts, blogpost ideas, etc, I shall first recommend to you a blog that I have been very fond of these days: Hard Truths from Soft Cats.

The name says it all. It’s a single-topic Tumblr blog that provides you with wisdom that will hit you like a drunkard’s punch because you insulted his novel, but with the intention of cushioning the pain with cute, fluffy cats. Cute, fluffy cats coming from the biggest dog person there is.
Here are some of their posts!

It’s so depressingly fun!