Venus & Joel Getaways: 3rd Year Anniversary Edition

It’s not very often that Joel & I get to go on vacation on our own. The number 1 reason for that is that we always want to take Joaqui with us.

If you had a kid as cute as this, wouldn’t you want to bring him everywhere, too?

But this time, since it’s our anniversary, we figured we’d have some alone time. We chose to spend our day in Batangas na lang so Joaqui could go to his Lolo naman for vacation. We went to Nayomi Sanctuary Resort and boy, the place did not disappoint.

From the lovely view to great service to the super yummy food, this’d be the place to go for a quick getaway from the Metro’s toxicity. Continue reading “Venus & Joel Getaways: 3rd Year Anniversary Edition”

So, You Want To Try Watercolor/Brush Calligraphy?

If you spend as much time on Instagram and Pinterest as much as I do, you’ve probably already come across a few beautiful watercolor art or calligraphy here and there. I’ve always admired people who can turn words into visual art so, the jack of all trades that I am, I told myself, “Maybe I can do that, too!”

And here are some of the tips I can give you guys if you want to try it, too. Continue reading “So, You Want To Try Watercolor/Brush Calligraphy?”