On the RH Bill/Pre-Law/Law?? (what is a pre-law even)

Hi. New blog post after such a long time and I’m afraid it’s going to be a political rant. At magtatagalog na lang ako para hindi masyadong nakakahiya ang Pilipinas kung may makabasa mang kung sino nito.

Bale, grabe yung traffic sa may Faura kaninang umaga. Bakit kamo? Dahil sa RH Law. Yung 13++ years nang bill na sa wakas ay naging law na? Hayun. Law na, na-TRO pa. Unconstitutional daw kasi? O kung anumang bwisit na dahilan.

Alam nyo ba kung gano kahirap at kamahal magbuntis? Una sa lahat, tataba ka ng bongga. Pangalawa, stretch marks. Kung isa ka sa mga mapalad na nilalang na ang balat ay immune sa stretch marks, napakaswerte mo. Kung hindi, magdusa ka.

Every 2 weeks na check up kapag malayo ka pa sa due date mo, every week kapag malapit na. 600 pesos kada check-up, may libre or mura naman, pero mamamatay ka muna sa pagpila. Yung vitamins, nasa mga 1500 kada-buwan. Yung panganganak, swerte ka kapag normal. E kung caesarian? Tapos yung baby, magkano ang gatas, diaper, vaccine, at kung ano-ano pa? Tapos, babalik ka pa sa gynecologist mo para sa pap smear, tapos reresetahan ka ng pills or injectables or kung ano mang gusto mo. Panibagong gastos.

Pagdaan namin kanina sa may Supreme Court, may dalawang kampo na nagbabangayan: yung pro-RH at anti-RH. Syempre kampi ako dun sa pro-RH, at dahil rant post ito, ang topic eh yung mga anti-RH.

Yung mga taong anti-RH, gustung-gusto na tinatawag yung mga sarili nilang “pro-life.”

Sus. Sinong niloko nyo? Di naman pro-life ang pagtutol sa RH Law. Pro-life kayo kasi ayaw nyo ng condom? Pro-life kayo kasi yang mga hayup na contraceptives na yan e abortion din yan.

O sige na nga, payag na ako sa argument nyo. Protect the sanctity of life. Yeheeeeees. Ang banal.

O e ano nang mangyayari kapag naipanganak na yang mga pinoprotektahan nyong buhay? Salot na ng lipunan ang tawag nyo? Palalabasin nyo ng simbahan kasi mabaho? Iiwasan nyo sa daan kasi nanakawan lang kayo? Di nyo bibigyan ng limos kasi ipangshashabu lang nila?

Pag naging pulitiko kayo, nanakawin nyo yung mga tax nila para makapagpatayo ng mansion at makabili ng BMW niyo? Magtatayo kayo ng Catholic school tapos ginto yung tuition fee?

Kung talagang ang dami daming pro life sa bansang to, bakit ang hirap hirap pa rin ng buhay?

Sana kasi yang mga pro-life na yan e totoong pro-life. Hindi naman kayo pro-life e. Sa katotohanan, pro-birth lang kayo. Pro-faux morality. Pro-uneducation. Pro-inaccessible reproductive health. Anti-quality life.

Sa dinami-dami ng debate dyan sa hayup na RH Law na yan, namimiss na yung whole point nya. Ang point lang naman nyan e maging accessible para sa lahat yung reproductive health. Para ma-advise-an at maeducate yung mga tao ng tama.  RH services na accessible para sa lahat, actually, optional pa nga yan for most private hospitals. Sex education para sa mga public schools, and again, optional for private schools.

Kung ayaw mo naman ng mga yan, di ka naman pipiliin e. Ayaw mo e di wag mo! Pero hindi ibig sabihin nun, irerestrict mo yung access ng iba. Napakasama na ng ugali mo nun. Siguro, kung lalaki ang nagbubuntis, ang tagal tagal na nitong na-approve. But then again, that’s a different issue.

Saving the Environment As We Know It

You know what’s embarrassing? The fact that prominent figures are still going out of their way just to claim that global warming and climate change are not real when a quick google will tell you that it is clearly happening.

The other embarrassing thing is that they’re so goddamn selfish that they will endanger entire species just for their own short-term, superficial, insignificant needs. What these people probably don’t realize is that the effects of going green and saving the environment actually helps people more than it helps nature. It’s not really saving the environment, it’s saving the environment as we know it. In a way, it is the most self-centered thing that we can do.

What are the goals of going green? At the top of my head, clean air and water, sustainable resources, etc. Who needs oxygen? People and other animals. Clean water? People and other animals. Sustainable resources so we wouldn’t end scraping each other’s skin and limbs? People and other animals. Nature survived the ice age and whatever killed off the dinosaurs, surely, it can survive whatever these egotistical humans can throw at it. I have this belief that human extinction will come before the death of the Earth. And that belief is either stupid or amazing.

I think what we all fail to understand is that if we keep wrecking our Home for our materialistic needs, it will all just end in famine, at best. I’m not saying give up every material possession that you have, a quick run through this blog and you will discover that I, myself, am a bit materialistic, it’s just that we should learn moderation.

And for the Philippines, it’s not enough to ban plastics and make people feel good because they switched to paper bags. That’s a very superficial campaign. I always feel the need to shout at my cousins and titas who say, “Bad yang plastic!” Yet they don’t even bother throwing their trash in the right place when they’re outside. It’s. Ugh.

Do you see this adorable polar bear?

Well, it’s endangered thanks to us and our factories and cars and waste.

Whether you like it or not, there is a strong need to save nature for it to remain habitable. I believe most, if not all, humans were born with a functioning conscience? Fcking listen to it.


From A Middle Class Girl’s Perspective

Having been raised by parents with conservative political views and are part of the military, you couldn’t blame me if my own views point closer to the right. Democracy works. You can’t blame everything on the government. The Philippines is poor because most Filipinos are lazy. If you work hard enough, you will succeed. The American dream.

And I still tell myself that from time to time. Why are all these people rallying for higher state subsidy? Surely, if they really wanted to study, they could just apply for scholarships. Di lang naman UP ang school sa Pilipinas. The tuition fee in PUP is much cheaper, last I heard. Plus, what they’re arguing is that the government spends too much in military and I personally take that as offensive. I don’t know if you guys heard or if you even care, but a lot of Air Force planes crashed recently, and some of the people that died are our friends. Pilots with a family, good people with cute kids, dying just because our country’s planes are less than second-rate. Heck, we can’t even afford to buy brand new planes. But I get it. How can they justify spending that much on guns and planes yet not cave when students ask for a little bit more for the budget on education?

Also, when you think about it, why DO we have to pay a hefty amount of money just to get quality education? The top schools in the Philippines are UP, ADMU, DLSU, and UST–we all know that only one of those are affordable and I’m using the word affordable really loosely here. And it’s not just in universities. My two cousins would almost cry and throw out a tantrum every time their dad would threaten them na if they don’t get high enough grades, they would be transferred to a public school because they say na pangit turo sa ganun. And how much is private school education? 45K-70K a year? I was lucky enough to get into a science high, but what about the others? They have to make tyaga sa 60 students per small classrooms and just one teacher, tas minsan wala pang baon kaya tatamarin na.

And it’s not just on education. Why do we have to live in a world where the elites spend $300 on a single pair of shoe while somewhere out there, some kid has to endure the blisters on his feet because he can’t afford to buy new slippers? How can Louis Vuitton charge $650 for those monogrammed handbags of theirs when they’re not even really that cute and are nothing but a status symbol, while somewhere out there, men are left to die because they can’t pay for their hospital services?

I can always give you stories of hope and inspiration, like how my manicurist’s children are doing well at school and one is graduating. Or how Ate Lina, after years and years of trying, praying, and going through dozens and dozens of albularyos just to have a kid now finally has a 5-year-old named Mika and she is all sorts of dapper. But what about the others who aren’t so lucky? What about the others who have to face the harsh reality of life everyday?

You couldn’t blame me if my views point a little close to the right, but having a best friend whose face showed every color of disappointment when I didn’t finish my meal that one time makes you wonder–is life really THAT unfair? We are all taught that if we work hard enough, we will succeed, but is that still true? Do all men really have equal chances at a richer and fuller life or is that all a lie meant to blind us from the fact that the world we currently live in is a terrible one? Is there something wrong with the people or is it time to change the system? Am I just too hopeful to believe that the world could be a better place? When will the story of humanity have a happy ending?

Thoughts on the Corona Impeachment Trial

I never liked Chief Justice Corona. I always thought that it was highly inappropriate for a Chief Justice to act like a ruddy politician. He is the judge of all judges and should therefore act like one. But he never did act like peak of morality, did he? He embraced the media plus, he was one of them “midnight appointees.” Surely, everybody knows that a person who does not choose to take the high road is unfit for the position of Chief Justice? When the supposedly most righteous, most virtuous man in the country is corrupt, you have got to think twice.

And when the man got impeached, most of the Filipinos rejoiced. Netizens tweeted away, exclaiming how it was a victory for our country. But is it really? Is it really a victory? I don’t know much about politics because I’m as shallow as a rain-formed pond, but is it normal for a 19-year-old to have witnessed the impeachment of the top positions in the two most powerful branches of the government? Is it normal for a country to hold two impeachment trials in the span of what, 10 years?

Let’s say our Chief Justice got acquitted. It would have been a bummer that he got away because of a loop hole. But isn’t it a bummer rin that he was found guilty by senator-judges that might have only voted guilty because it would be good for their political image to do so? Isn’t it a bummer that this whole impeachment trial might have been nothing but a political move by the current administration? Isn’t it a bummer that in this country, you’re only as good as your allies? Had Corona been on the side of the yellows, would this have happened? Had the public taken Corona’s side, would the senator judges have voted otherwise? Did they really fervently study the case or did they just do what they thought the public wants?

In the words of Senator Miriam:

I am deeply disappointed that on at least three occasions, the prosecution claimed that its documents came from an anonymous source.  Are you for real?  Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.  False in one thing, false in all things.

Did the other senator-judges take that into consideration? We all heard Villar’s speech; was it a declaration of verdict or the start of his campaign? Did anyone else notice that two out of three of the acquittal voters are the only ones who aren’t re-electionists and the other one is a Marcos?

It says in Dan Brown’s book Deception Point that one corrupt politcian means that all politicians are corrupt. Yes, I am clearly aware that real life is different from fiction but this scenario is only supposed to happen in crime fiction books. A country’s chief justice on an impeachment trial? C’mon.

One corrupt politician means that all politicians are corrupt. Did this event instill hope in our countrymen or did it just make us all the more cynical and apathetic? I don’t know.

In other news, I heard there was another Pacquiao fight coming up. Nothing like a Pacquiao victory to make the Filipinos forget.

Tricycle Blues

Ayaw kong sumasakay sa loob ng tricycle, dun ako sa “back ride” parati. At lagi lagi na lang akong tinatanong ng mga driver at ng mga tao kung bakit ayaw ko sa loob with a tone indicating na mas maaliwalas ang buhay dun sa loob. Kaya eto, gagawa ako ng blog post na magdedefend ng likod ng tricycle.

  1. Hindi nyo ba napapansin na ang instinct ng mga bata na sasakay ng tricycle e ang magpaunahan sa back ride? Oo. Ganun na nga. Mas masaya kasi talaga sa likod. Miski mga bata, alam ang katotohanan na yun.
  2. Ayaw ko talaga ng may katabi sa tryke. Parang awa nyo na. Yung mga tricycle dito sa Villamor, mahilig magpuno. Sa likod, less yung chances na may makakatabi ako kasi nga, lahat sila, gusto sa loob. Diba? Swerte mo kung yung makakatabi mo sa loob e flight attendant na naka-Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, e kung hindi? Sa cramped na space na yun, good luck na lang sa ilong mo.
  3. Kung nasa likod ka, may makatabi ka mang hindi kaaya-aya, okay lang! Magfocus ka na lang sa daan at since open air yun, marami ka pang mas malinis na hanging pwedeng langhapin.
  4. Ayaw ko nga ng may katabi, diba? Kasi kung nasa loob ka, tas may biglang sumakay, edi nasiksik ka na paloob. Imagine-in mo muna. E pano kung mauuna kang bumaba tas yung katabi, wala man lang kahit konting courtesy sa buto at hindi man lang bumaba kasi nga ang sikip-sikip? Para kang nagpapakamatay nun. Untog untog at sangkatutak na scratch sa binti at braso abot mo. No, thanks. E kung nasa likod ka? Kahit may katabi ka, hindi hassle bumaba!
  5. Lagi talaga akong nauuntog pero never pa ako nauntog sa back ride.
Akala ko maraming advantages yung back ride pero yan lang pala. Sige, bye na. Pag nakaisip pa ko, ieedit ko na lang to.