Accidental Post-Birthday Celebration

A little over two weeks ago, my mom had her high school class’ reunion at Valentino Resort. Beforehand, she asked me to google the place to see if it’s any good. When I saw the website and saw the amazing pools and their tempting spa services, I pestered my mom endlessly to take us.

It took time and a lot of effort to convince her to let us tag along, but in the end she gave in (as she always does). Hehe. And although it’s pretty common for resort websites to go overboard with photoshop so long as they could advertise, the *actual* Valentino Resort did not disappoint. It did not disappoint at all.

Although it can be a bit pricey, for me, it was all worth it. The place is amazing and for its age, very well-maintained. The resort is perfect for weekend getaways, for when you want to escape the city’s heat, noise, and smog-ridden air.

Their help are extremely professional and they’re really really nice and always have smiles plastered across their faces. From parking to unpacking to finding your cabanas, the staff will assist you all the way. The place is really big so these carts are really handy!

I lost count of how many trips kuya driver gave us but it was a lot!
Aside from the helpful staff, the whole place is a Wi-Fi zone, and the speed is not half bad. For this internet-dependent generation, that’s a really big plus. In fact, I think the Wi-Fi  was the perk that my mom enjoyed the most. She was all, “Na-upload ko agad yung pictures namin sa Facebook!” She didn’t go swimming, she’s not a spa person, and she didn’t get to take the tour with us ’cause she had to go bond with her high school batchmates, of course, so it’s pretty understandable.

We mostly spent the day in this pool since this was the one nearest us.

The view from here is spectacular!

Since I’m super maarte when it comes to pool water, here’s another plus for Valentino! The water is crystal clear and it’s cool, just the way I like it. Also, there weren’t much people when we went, in fact, for most of the day, only Joel, Chen, and I were swimming in the pool plus two other kids in adorable bikinis.

I loooooove swimming so much so most of the day was spent making babad on the water. Fun fact: even babies in tummies feel lighter in the water! I’m already on my third trimester so I’ve been having trouble carrying the extra heavy weight recently and swimming gave me a break from all of that. When I was in the water, I didn’t feel pregnant at all!

The resort is also a good place for another thing everyone in this generation enjoys doing: camwhoring! There are a lot of spectacular views and it feels like everywhere you go is instagram-able. They have this awesome view deck/hanging bridge!

These two kept shaking the bridge while I was taking pictures of views from the bridge so I didn’t get any nice ones. 😦 Just see it for yourself. 😉
And here’s us going crazy with the camera! I just recently discover Clone Camera so please forgive the madness. Hihi.

Yep, he has 3 pairs of the same slippers.
The only thing that made this day slightly disappointing was that we didn’t get to try their spa services since we didn’t have time na. It should also be noted that they have relatively cheap spa services! The massages and facials and spas and manicures go as low as Php250 (I know right!) Oh well, now we have an excuse to go back!
Since both my parents are Batangueños, this place really is a source of pride. Valentino Resort and Spa is located in San Jose, Batangas, and it’s just a 5-minute drive from my mom’s house. Who knew that there was paradise amid all that poultry?
I suggest everyone go here! You will not be disappointed.

Two people on the table next to mine and they’re not even talking. One is typing on her lap, the other, a little more traditional, is writing endlessly on her old little notebook. She looks deep in thought and in the zone since she does more writing than observing the people around her, which is a lot more than what can be said about me. Also, she’s right handed, all of these people are, which is a bit disappointing because seeing another left handed person always manages to cheer me up.

Another man is having a drink that looks like iced tea along with a chocolate chip cookie and that doesn’t make sense because cookies and pastries and cakes go best with coffee. Clearly, this man doesn’t know how to enjoy food, he just mindlessly consumes them.

A coffee shop is theoretically a good place to study in, and that is exactly what this well-dressed Chinese man in his 20s seems to be doing. He seems to mature to be still in college so my money’s in law school. I would love for him to represent me someday if need be, he seems really responsible, to be able to actually study without stopping and stalling in a coffee shop.

The lady opposite me, around my age, large headphones on, engrossed in her Dell laptop, seems to be doing exactly what I’m doing which is just killing the time. I really envy her badass headphones, I would probably learn playing this song I’ve had on repeat for two hours now much easier with those acoustics. And now I’m having an internal struggle on whether or not I should chat her up just so I could have a go at her headphones, and that’s probably a bad idea since life is not a romantic comedy–people don’t actually meet other people in coffee shops. A popular, and becoming increasingly annoying, line that’s been circulating around Tumblr, and the Internet, everywhere goes something like, “I wear these headphones and put the volume on maximum so I could shut the outside world up.” I wonder if people ever just do this to shut themselves up ’cause listening is way better than talking and just fucking things up?

It’s been half an hour since your last message and looking at our wedding ring is doing more depressing than comforting now. I’m sorry. Everything is always my fault and I’m not just saying that, it’s really true. Turning 20 in a month, becoming a mom in more or less than two months, and I’m tearing up in a coffee shop. I don’t really see why anyone would want to marry me and for you to do it so happily, even fighting just for it to happen, just shows how kind of a person really are.

Please come home early, baby. I love you. And I really hope these people around me will have a happy place they can go home to as well.

I’m just 19, I’m still allowed to feel warm and fuzzy then talk about it on the intarwebz

The world is probably tired of hearing this, but I am at my happiest when I’m with you. And although that sounds co-dependent, cheesy, teenager-ish, or whatever term cynics has come up with to replace the word love, I don’t care. Being with you is the most soothing, fulfilling, tears-of-joy-inducing thing in the world.

This is probably the most often told lie in the whole of the universe, but I really do mean it when I say that you have showed me the true meaning of love. I have been in relationships before and you’ve had your fair share, too, but I believe our sh*t is legit. You made me see the thin line between being in love with the feeling of being in love and actually being head over heels, makes you happy with every gesture, just stares can mean a thousand words, in love.

You make my heart flip when you look at me, really look at me, and it makes me want to squish you and hug you on the spot, as if you’re a real life teddy bear that reciprocates the love I give. Also, I used to think that weak knees and smiles that go from ear to ear were just exaggerations that writers made up to put us normal people in misery and hopelessness as we go for and ultimately fail in the quest of finding fairytale love, but they really do happen. I always feel like melting whenever we stop whatever we are doing just so you can tell me you love me. And I can still hear your voice when you said, “Di naman kita iiwan e.”

Things aren’t always gonna be rainbows and butterflies in relationships, everyone knows that. But when things do suck, I just think of you and that first time you went to my house and came with a box of Nerds. I think of the opening line from Such Great Heights, “I’m thinking it’s a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned,” because we have that. Just replace freckels with moles. (Mehehe.) I think of when we to say goodbye and just can’t. I think of all our hugs and neither of us is willing to let go so we end up slow dancing, and kissing, and then back to resting in each other’s arms.

Times are hard but what we have is one thing that I am not willing of giving up on. And I know I always say that if the time ever comes when you want out, I will respect it, writing this article made me realize one thing: You have no right to leave. We’re Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, Marshall and Lily–it is because of couples like us that people still believe in love. You wouldn’t want to crush humanity’s hope, right? Nope. I didn’t think so.

I love you. I can make this post as long as I want, but it all ends up to that one thing. I love you. And it’s the best feeling I have ever had.

My Top 12 Deal Breakers (Suma-Saab)

So I wanted to make my own version of this for two reasons:

  1. I have awesome deal breakers. My deal breakers should be everyone’s deal breakers. I mean really.
  2. I have this unexplainable admiration for Saab.
But seriously. This shit is legit so let’s just get on with it. This won’t be in a particular order or maybe it will turn out that way. I don’t know.

1. Pa-cool. Most people assume that I judge people based on their music taste and grammar but that’s not actually true. I wouldn’t care if you listen AND sing along to Callalily and Dashboard Confessional when you’re alone in your room at 8 in the evening; or if you have worse grammar than Melanie Marquez. Ang sa akin lang, be yourself, bro. Dun sa moments na napapa-English ako, wag kang sumabay kung sablay grammar at diction mo. At pagdating naman sa music, okay lang naman kung iniidolo mo si Kean Cipriano, basta wag mo na lang ipagkakalat sa iba. Also, I’d take jologs over pretentious any day. And besides, who am I to judge? I love listen to the Biebs and prepositions confuse me a lot. Pero syempre wag naman yung OA na jologs na fan pala ni Rihanna. Yung saktong jologs lang. Hihi. Di ako shallow promise!

2. Weird looking hairstyles. Ang tinutukoy ko yung Daniel Padilla style. Mukhang tuko e. Buti pa si Enrique, chill lang yung buhok. :> Also, I will never understand how women get addicted to them Korean singers with blue, anime-ish hairstyles. I admit, that guy from Hana Kimi and the F4 dudes are gwapo but they’re Taiwanese and their hairstyles are normal. You have to admit, Dao Ming Xe looked so much better in the latter parts of Meteor Garden nung hindi na sya pineapple head. I mean, kamon. Look at this: 

You know who gets hairstyles?

How did Rachel go from this to Anakin?!
You know who else gets hairstyles? My boyfriend. :”>
4. Matapobre. So this is not shallow at all. The first three I can maybe excuse on dire circumstances, but this one I simply can’t. I was raised by parents who taught me that everybody deserves respect kaya sobrang turn off sakin yung guys na mean sa waiters, drivers, etc. I just can’t take it. This is not just for guys, it’s for everyone. When I see my relatives making pagalit Ate Lina for something incredibly irrelevant, I always feel the need to shout at them and say that they don’t have the right to do that even if they’re my titos and titas. It’s just so irritating! I especially hate it when people say stuff like, “Bakit? Katulong lang naman siya, ah.” Ugali nyo please, paki-ayos.
5. Vices. I want my guy to be as vice-free as possible. Drinking’s okay but it stops there. No smoking, no drugs, no nothing. Clean.
6. Gross guys. And I mean gross in the actual meaning of the word. I want a guy who is mabango. If I don’t like a guy’s natural scent, he has to go. Also, I want a guy who knows where the trash can is. I want the sort of dude who would stop and pick up some trash he found sa street to throw it in the right place. 
7. Girl ADHD. I hate single guys who can’t focus on one girl na liligawan. Alam nyo yun, yung guys who would flirt with anything that moves. Yung ila-like lahat ng pictures ng girl Facebook friends nya tas lalandiin lahat, hoping one of them would work out. Gross. Gusto ko yung may standard naman. I want a guy who’d choose one girl then pursue her.
8. Borrowing from Saab, Bore-ophyll. I won’t want a guy na walang “thing.” If you’re genuinely smart and funny, it’d be easy for you to win me over.
9. Pointless arguer. Ayaw kong kumakausap ng tanga. I like having arguments/debates with my friends. It’s one of the most fun and intimate forms of converstaions, in my opinion. Kaya sobrang nakakaturn off yung guys na nakikipaglaban sa akin na sobrang pointless naman ng mga sinasabi. Sobrang, UGH! PATRICK STAR CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!!! I need a guy who gives solid cases. It will come in handy in fights. If I know that I have a case, I won’t back down. A guy who can prove me wrong without turning to cold, heartless arguments is one for keeps.
10. Guys I’m not comfortable eating with. I love food. I need a guy I can eat with. I need a guy who can dine with my family. It’s a necessary requirement.
11. Bad taste in movies. By bad, I mean taste that doesn’t match up with mine. I love movies. I love watching TV. I love anything that involves a story and characters. I need a guy I can watch movies, TV shows, and plays with and I want him to ACTUALLY enjoy and not just do it for me. These things are important.
12. Half-naked pictures. Gad. I guess it’s okay to take half-naked pictures of yourself sa mirror then keep it to yourself. Not cool kung ipopost mo sa internet tapos profile picture pa! Kadiri. Paflex flex pang nalalaman. I find it super gross. Okay lang kung from a swimming trip, pero yung nasa kwarto lang tas ugh. Ew. Ew talaga.

I’m not usually one to play the society card because I try to avoid anything that has the potential to be political but let me say this: Fuck society. Fuck the fact that what most people notice, or at least in this country, is weight. When you go to family gatherings, before they give you any compliments on how cute your outfit is, the first thing that they say is, “Uy tumataba ka,” in a tone that tries so hard sound, “Uy, no offense ha,” but is offensive anyway.

Fuck society. You know what stick-thin, model-ish girls don’t have? Boobs. And unless they’re one of those naturally thin girls, they don’t have as good lives as everyone else. Because you know what? Food is awesome. Have you ever tasted a pizza? Or a cheeseburger that is so delicious, you’d want to make out with it? I don’t even think that they even have oreo blizzards. Or even just oreos.

Fuck society for making girls think that you have to be thin to be beautiful. Just eating healthy and not excessively is enough. And the next time you tell an average-sized, perfectly normal, not even close to overweight, ridiculously beautiful girl that she’s getting fat, just think to yourself how this could trigger an inferiority complex, a distorted self image, what nots.

Because a girl will do anything just to somehow feel relevant. And if the first thing you notice everytime you see her–despite everything awesome on her looks, personality, and whatever– is that she’s gaining weight, it’s gonna ruin her. Pigging out with friends, family, boyfriends, is the best feeling ever and taking that away from anyone is horrible. Fuck you all for ruining my best friend. And I’m writing this now ’cause I haven’t really yet figured out how to comfort her or what to say that won’t just make things worse because I tend to do that.

My Day in Seemingly Coherent Paragraphs

It’s every Pinoy teleserye’s plot. The child-out-of-wedlock bida, usually a girl, is being made api by everyone. She will cry a lot of tears at first! She will get slapped. She will get bad mouthed. Her ka-loveteam has a different girl friend but is making googly eyes at her. Her temper will then run out and she will start showing everyone that she is not trash. Because she’s not. Her hair’s always awesome.
I just ruined my intro. Anyway, it was supposed to end with, “I’m so glad my life’s not like a Pinoy teleserye.”

Today was one of those days that I like to call, “Quality Time with my Half Family.” And I don’t call them half family because the other half died or are somewhere else, they’re my half family because they consist of my dad, two half brothers, one half sister, and I’m not really related by blood with Tita Lilia, soo. Haha.
Kuya Ton went home for the weekend to deal with wedding shiz and everytime he’s here in the Philippines, he always makes sure to make time for lunch/dinner with the whole family plus me. :”> It’s extra sweet because for my whole 18 years of existence, the first time we ever got to meet was when he treated me to a Singapore trip as a birthday gift. Ever since, lunch/dinner everytime he’s here has become some sort of tradition.
We had lunch at Via Mare, and it was really fun. They have a lot of food that I don’t like. Kare-kare, oysters, etc. But, out of so much urging from my kuyas and their girlfriends, I finally gave in and tried the oysters. It. Was. AWESOME! And I had a really good time. Ever since my dad got his heart attack, he’s been really health conscious. And of course, the joke that is my weight got full attention. First, he put half a rice, some tapa, shrimp, and veggies lang and said, “Yan lang sayo. HAHA!” But then everyone just kept saying, “Daddy, ano ba yan! Walang diet diet dito!” After 5 minutes, he just started giving me EVERYTHANG. From the crispy pata to the binagoongang somethings. Another baboy daaay.
I have the power to see through people. I know when someone’s being fake. You won’t know how much it means to me to KNOW that these people aren’t just doing this for daddy’s sake. They invite me to lunches, to go to their house, just because they want to. I always feel like tearing up when I make beso to Tita Lilia and she never fails to really kiss my cheek and go for a long hug. But of course, I don’t because that would be laaame. Even Ate Lisa, who my dad calls Hitler, started giving me genuine smiles na. :”> She even gave me this awesome bracelet that she made last last time!
I would also like to mention here that Kuya Ton’s fiancée has made it to my list of the most awesome people to ever walk the earth. As I told Joel kanina, in real life, in-laws are supposed to hate each other. Heck, even in fiction, it happens! The Ginny Fleur hate? Yah? And considering that I’m only her half-sister-in-law, extra hate rights! I would totally get it if she was all like, “Ew, why did you make her go here to Singapore? Ew, why does she have to sleep in our room?!” But, no. In fact, I find myself always talking to her because we have a lot in common. :”> It’s the best.
I saw this quote/typo/whateveryoucallit once on Tumblr that goes something like, “I’ve made the best of friends with people whom I thought I never would and drifted away from people I always thought I’d stay forever friends with.” It feels good, doesn’t it? Being liked by people whom you know should be programmed to hate you. Finding home in an unexpected place.
I’ve always had a hard time of finding a place where I belong. It gives me so much joy that my half family’s on the list. :”>
This post has too many :”>s,

Things I Should’ve Warned My Boyfriend About, But Didn’t

Before you jump into the conclusion that this will be just another “gamer girl” list, it’s not. Nothing could be more annoying than girls who find the need to broadcast to the world that:

  • I don’t wear make-up.
  • I don’t wear high heels/girly clothes.
  • Oh, I HATE Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift is my spirit animal ❤
  • Yes, I play video games and yes, I won’t make you carry my bag. I exist.
  • I hate facebook. Tumblr is my life.
  • Blah blah blah trait that they think makes them special and unique because they belong to a slightly smaller majority when in fact they just sound like girl douches a tone that makes the otherwise sound as if it’s a character flaw. Well, yah?! You think you’re so great? Why is it that that guy you’ve been chasing for 2 years still hasn’t asked you out?! Not that there’s anything wrong with those traits, I just find it weird that some people find the need to post it on facebook or whatever, while feeling good about themselves and making girls who wear make-up look like complete bitches and sluts. It’s just crazy. And I’m not saying that this will be a unique list, either. And now, I’m the one who’s being the girl douche.
You know how at the beginning of a relationship you try your best to keep up the most likeable version of yourself? And then as the relationship progresses and you find yourselves getting more comfortable with each other, certain quirks surface but it’s okay because at this point, everything you do will be just another reason for him to fall for you? Well, not to mention that you’re not exactly ugly so certain peculiar behavior can pass as cute. Yah, I happen to have a lot of quirks, and sometimes, I feel that I’ve been unfair to Joel because now that they’re all starting to show, he just finds himself making iling and laughing because there is no possible way na matturn off pa sya. Hahahaha.

  • I can be cheesier than Ted Mosby.
  • I dance. And I’m not very good at it. It’s horrible, inappropriate, and just pops out-of-nowhere.
  • I’m hard to surprise because I know everything. So you better practice your, “What?! No!” face just in case I figure out that you’re plotting something.
  • I’m aware of how cute I am, but you still have to tell me!
  • I’m really REALLY competitive. And I happen to be with a person who’s better than me at everything! Well, ya. That’s one of the reasons why I love him. :”>
  • I don’t know how to sit properly so sorry if that kind of thing annoys you.
  • I trip. A lot.
  • There are days when I get extremely anti-social. Actually, I think “There are days when I can be social,” would be more appropriate.
  • I can change moods in 5 second intervals, but I guess this is actually a good thing. One moment I’m angry, the next moment I’m making jokes!
  • I’m terrible at jokes.
  • I don’t get cold easily. But I still like cuddling and hugging so I guess it’s okay. :>
  • I don’t know about my sleeping behavior, but based on stories from my cousins, I’m a pillow and kumot hogger.
  • I have many blooper moments.
  • I get obsessed with things. Especially with TV shows. And I will push you until you’ve watched each and every episode! It’s all right, I happen to be a woman of taste.
  • I will force you to have a mani-pedi/spa/massage date with me. Nope, “but I’m a guy!” isn’t an excuse. You won’t regret it naman! It’s the third best thing, next to food.
  • For a girl who knows of Season 1 Dan Humphrey, I’m actually very low maintenance. So if I get angry, which rarely happens, and say stuff like, “You know what other guys would do? Compromise! Because I’m a girl and I deserve to be treated like one!” Don’t reply with, “What other guys are you talking about?! Dan Humphrey? John Cusack? The little prince? Mikael Blomkvist? Prince Charming? Lavon Hayes?” That’s below the belt, bruh. Never reference my attachment to fictional characters in a fight. I will cry over it every once in a while, when I’m alone.
  • I’m actually the guy in a relationship. I don’t like complications, ayaw ko ng pasikot-sikot, ayaw kong nangangapa. Even if I’m very good at reading people, I’m not very good at reading angry people because of my low self-esteem. I’m inlove with compromising.
  • Masakit ako mamalo. 😦
While there may be others, I can’t think of any of them now. To Joel, it’s too late now, isn’t it? Haha. ‘Cause there’s not a chance in hell that you would leave me for something as shallow as potentially annoying behaviors. :”>
Excuse my cheesiness,

Another thing is that I have a blog. Right now, I can tell you that I’m beyond posting horrible things about you if ever we break up, but I can’t speak for my post-break-up self. She’d probably drunk blog and then tag the post with UP is full of horrible people just to get attention.