Accidental Post-Birthday Celebration

A little over two weeks ago, my mom had her high school class’ reunion at Valentino Resort. Beforehand, she asked me to google the place to see if it’s any good. When I saw the website and saw the amazing pools and their tempting spa services, I pestered my mom endlessly to take us.

It took time and a lot of effort to convince her to let us tag along, but in the end she gave in (as she always does). Hehe. And although it’s pretty common for resort websites to go overboard with photoshop so long as they could advertise, the *actual* Valentino Resort did not disappoint. It did not disappoint at all.

Although it can be a bit pricey, for me, it was all worth it. The place is amazing and for its age, very well-maintained. The resort is perfect for weekend getaways, for when you want to escape the city’s heat, noise, and smog-ridden air.

Their help are extremely professional and they’re really really nice and always have smiles plastered across their faces. From parking to unpacking to finding your cabanas, the staff will assist you all the way. The place is really big so these carts are really handy!

I lost count of how many trips kuya driver gave us but it was a lot!
Aside from the helpful staff, the whole place is a Wi-Fi zone, and the speed is not half bad. For this internet-dependent generation, that’s a really big plus. In fact, I think the Wi-Fi  was the perk that my mom enjoyed the most. She was all, “Na-upload ko agad yung pictures namin sa Facebook!” She didn’t go swimming, she’s not a spa person, and she didn’t get to take the tour with us ’cause she had to go bond with her high school batchmates, of course, so it’s pretty understandable.

We mostly spent the day in this pool since this was the one nearest us.

The view from here is spectacular!

Since I’m super maarte when it comes to pool water, here’s another plus for Valentino! The water is crystal clear and it’s cool, just the way I like it. Also, there weren’t much people when we went, in fact, for most of the day, only Joel, Chen, and I were swimming in the pool plus two other kids in adorable bikinis.

I loooooove swimming so much so most of the day was spent making babad on the water. Fun fact: even babies in tummies feel lighter in the water! I’m already on my third trimester so I’ve been having trouble carrying the extra heavy weight recently and swimming gave me a break from all of that. When I was in the water, I didn’t feel pregnant at all!

The resort is also a good place for another thing everyone in this generation enjoys doing: camwhoring! There are a lot of spectacular views and it feels like everywhere you go is instagram-able. They have this awesome view deck/hanging bridge!

These two kept shaking the bridge while I was taking pictures of views from the bridge so I didn’t get any nice ones. 😦 Just see it for yourself. 😉
And here’s us going crazy with the camera! I just recently discover Clone Camera so please forgive the madness. Hihi.

Yep, he has 3 pairs of the same slippers.
The only thing that made this day slightly disappointing was that we didn’t get to try their spa services since we didn’t have time na. It should also be noted that they have relatively cheap spa services! The massages and facials and spas and manicures go as low as Php250 (I know right!) Oh well, now we have an excuse to go back!
Since both my parents are Batangueños, this place really is a source of pride. Valentino Resort and Spa is located in San Jose, Batangas, and it’s just a 5-minute drive from my mom’s house. Who knew that there was paradise amid all that poultry?
I suggest everyone go here! You will not be disappointed.