Saving the Environment As We Know It

You know what’s embarrassing? The fact that prominent figures are still going out of their way just to claim that global warming and climate change are not real when a quick google will tell you that it is clearly happening.

The other embarrassing thing is that they’re so goddamn selfish that they will endanger entire species just for their own short-term, superficial, insignificant needs. What these people probably don’t realize is that the effects of going green and saving the environment actually helps people more than it helps nature. It’s not really saving the environment, it’s saving the environment as we know it. In a way, it is the most self-centered thing that we can do.

What are the goals of going green? At the top of my head, clean air and water, sustainable resources, etc. Who needs oxygen? People and other animals. Clean water? People and other animals. Sustainable resources so we wouldn’t end scraping each other’s skin and limbs? People and other animals. Nature survived the ice age and whatever killed off the dinosaurs, surely, it can survive whatever these egotistical humans can throw at it. I have this belief that human extinction will come before the death of the Earth. And that belief is either stupid or amazing.

I think what we all fail to understand is that if we keep wrecking our Home for our materialistic needs, it will all just end in famine, at best. I’m not saying give up every material possession that you have, a quick run through this blog and you will discover that I, myself, am a bit materialistic, it’s just that we should learn moderation.

And for the Philippines, it’s not enough to ban plastics and make people feel good because they switched to paper bags. That’s a very superficial campaign. I always feel the need to shout at my cousins and titas who say, “Bad yang plastic!” Yet they don’t even bother throwing their trash in the right place when they’re outside. It’s. Ugh.

Do you see this adorable polar bear?

Well, it’s endangered thanks to us and our factories and cars and waste.

Whether you like it or not, there is a strong need to save nature for it to remain habitable. I believe most, if not all, humans were born with a functioning conscience? Fcking listen to it.


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