Ebook Jackets

Cool find of the day: Ebook Jackets!

I was browsing over at Speck for a cover for Digby because I never got around to buying one because I was too shy to ask 3k from my parents for something as silly as a laptop shell when I stumbled upon Out of Print Clothing. I’ve been on this site before and I thought their mission to make books cool again by making shirts and whatnots with classic book covers on it was pretty awesome. I never got around to buying one because I’m just 19 and jobless. Anywhooooo…

Ebook Jackets!

Isn’t it a-mah-zing?! I already signed up for their mailing list and I’m really really excited for it to come out so that I could dress up Tiny! :> :> :>

The only problem is what book cover to choose. The project is called Kickstarter and you can check out the other titles they would be using for their launch there. Super exciting!

I’m torn between The Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland, and Pride and Prejudice. If they would be making one for The Adventures and Huckleberry Finn and The Tales of the Jazz Age, I’d have an even bigger problem.


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