I’m not usually one to play the society card because I try to avoid anything that has the potential to be political but let me say this: Fuck society. Fuck the fact that what most people notice, or at least in this country, is weight. When you go to family gatherings, before they give you any compliments on how cute your outfit is, the first thing that they say is, “Uy tumataba ka,” in a tone that tries so hard sound, “Uy, no offense ha,” but is offensive anyway.

Fuck society. You know what stick-thin, model-ish girls don’t have? Boobs. And unless they’re one of those naturally thin girls, they don’t have as good lives as everyone else. Because you know what? Food is awesome. Have you ever tasted a pizza? Or a cheeseburger that is so delicious, you’d want to make out with it? I don’t even think that they even have oreo blizzards. Or even just oreos.

Fuck society for making girls think that you have to be thin to be beautiful. Just eating healthy and not excessively is enough. And the next time you tell an average-sized, perfectly normal, not even close to overweight, ridiculously beautiful girl that she’s getting fat, just think to yourself how this could trigger an inferiority complex, a distorted self image, what nots.

Because a girl will do anything just to somehow feel relevant. And if the first thing you notice everytime you see her–despite everything awesome on her looks, personality, and whatever– is that she’s gaining weight, it’s gonna ruin her. Pigging out with friends, family, boyfriends, is the best feeling ever and taking that away from anyone is horrible. Fuck you all for ruining my best friend. And I’m writing this now ’cause I haven’t really yet figured out how to comfort her or what to say that won’t just make things worse because I tend to do that.

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