The Butterfly Effect

If there’s one thing that this movie teaches us, it’s that you don’t fuck with the time-space continuum. 83% of movies that  involve time traveling to the past to correct some mistake always ends up in somebody almost dying, badly injured, or in a wheel chair; which is why I love Disney so much despite every bad thing that cynics throw at them–Meet the Robinsons was awesometastic.

But whenever I have problems, my first thought would always be to fully concentrate, squint my eyes, try to get in touch with The Force–even if nobody in the movies time travelled, I just think to myself, maybe I’m just that awesome–and go back to that one mistake, that one moment when things started to go all sorts of wrong.

Of course, it didn’t work. The Force isn’t unusually strong with me. And I’m not actually entirely sure if The Force can be used for that purpose. When I realize that, I keep squinting my eyes anyway because it’s been my lifelong dream to have laser vision. After a bajillion times of trying, I still don’t have laser vision. It’s probably a blessing in disguise, though, ’cause if it did actually work a number of times, some people might end up almost dying, badly injured, or in a wheel chair.

While typing this, I’ve been contemplating on whether or not I should elaborate on where all of this is coming from, but I just decided against it 5 seconds ago. If we were to break it down, though, it’s just 92% from my nerdiness, 4% from the thread I had with JM about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which you should totally watch because it’s a skyscraper of coolness!, and 4% personal problems.

But you know, when you find people that you trust 100%, you find it less and less and appealing to share your sob stories on the internet. It’s just one of those things.

Instead, I’ll talk about my Kindle Fire and my shaky hands because I was too happy about it!

I will not get tired of bragging about it because of all the material things my parents gave me to replace actual affection, which is totally fine now because I’ve already accepted the fact that I am very materialistic, Digby, my piano, and this Kindle Fire were the ones that I was most happy about. It’s awesome, it’s like a baby iPad and I love that about it because the two things that I hate about the iPad are:
  1. It’s too big which means it’d take up so much space in my bags;
  2. I could never get myself to justify the fact that it costs that much when in my eyes it’s just a blown up version of the iPod touch, and the touch could fit in my pockets!
So, yah. Loving the Kindle Fire. The other great thing about it is that it supports Flash, so take that, Apple! The only downside, though, is how the people who sold this to my dad failed to mention it to him that the Amazon appstore was US only. Such a bummer. 😦
So far, that’s the only downside. And I’m starting to think that it’s a blessing in disguise because from the moment I got it last Wednesday, April 18th, I’ve already finished two books! 🙂 Will Grayson, Will Grayson and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Maybe I’ll use this reader to catch up on pop-lit, a term whose existence I’m not entirely sure of. The books I personally have are all detective and murder and ~philosophical~ and sci-fi and conspiracy theories and shit. Heck, I didn’t even know that Stieg Larsson’s trilogy was part of pop lit until the movies came out. And I was one of the last few people who read The Hunger Games.
How do people find out about these books, anyway? Usually, I just go to Powerbooks, go through stuff but end up picking one that’s out of place, yung nakakalat, and end up actually liking it. That’s how I learned about The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest and Para Kay B. At first, I was confused on who Lisbeth was and why she was injured but then it all got clear as it progressed further in the book and only when I googled it that I figured it was a trilogy. It came in handy when Twilight got all big, though. While everyone else was going all gaga on how awesome it is, and going all, “This is the first time I actually finished a book THAT thick,” I was rereading one of my favorite novels, Neverness, a sci-fi shizz written by David Zindell that I just accidentally discovered in our library.
I’m starting to think I have ADD. It’s a blessing in disguise because my dad got me this because he knows I love to read. It also came with two actual books by Sidney Sheldon and Mary Higgins-Clark and it made me so happy. I mean, he could’ve just given me a safe book that every girl likes, like Meg Cabot, Paulo Coelho, or Nicholas Sparks. But the man did his research. He’s always been that way. Like after my Grade 6 graduation, we immediately went and bought a watch together because he said that he noticed how I got this thing for watches and clocks and time. He didn’t go to the actual ceremony, though, or any recognition ceremony for that matter. Or any of the birthdays I could remember and maybe the ones I couldn’t remember rin because I never see him in the pictures. I just like thinking that my dad’s not the take-a-photo-of-me kind of guy, and he’s not. The only significant event that he was in that has a photograph as proof was my baptism.
But you know, he makes it up in the littlest and most wonderful of ways. And I really love my Dad so much.
PS I just thought of a name for my Kindle! I’m gonna name him Tiny, after Tiny Cooper, Will Grayson’s gay best friend. Because he was the first character I fell in love with using this device. Ooooh, I should buy a pink case and pink headphones and all pink whatnots for him! Maybe even rainbow! And I know that’s so stereotypical, but Tiny Cooper was just that kind of gay.

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