Things I Should’ve Warned My Boyfriend About, But Didn’t

Before you jump into the conclusion that this will be just another “gamer girl” list, it’s not. Nothing could be more annoying than girls who find the need to broadcast to the world that:

  • I don’t wear make-up.
  • I don’t wear high heels/girly clothes.
  • Oh, I HATE Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift is my spirit animal ❤
  • Yes, I play video games and yes, I won’t make you carry my bag. I exist.
  • I hate facebook. Tumblr is my life.
  • Blah blah blah trait that they think makes them special and unique because they belong to a slightly smaller majority when in fact they just sound like girl douches a tone that makes the otherwise sound as if it’s a character flaw. Well, yah?! You think you’re so great? Why is it that that guy you’ve been chasing for 2 years still hasn’t asked you out?! Not that there’s anything wrong with those traits, I just find it weird that some people find the need to post it on facebook or whatever, while feeling good about themselves and making girls who wear make-up look like complete bitches and sluts. It’s just crazy. And I’m not saying that this will be a unique list, either. And now, I’m the one who’s being the girl douche.
You know how at the beginning of a relationship you try your best to keep up the most likeable version of yourself? And then as the relationship progresses and you find yourselves getting more comfortable with each other, certain quirks surface but it’s okay because at this point, everything you do will be just another reason for him to fall for you? Well, not to mention that you’re not exactly ugly so certain peculiar behavior can pass as cute. Yah, I happen to have a lot of quirks, and sometimes, I feel that I’ve been unfair to Joel because now that they’re all starting to show, he just finds himself making iling and laughing because there is no possible way na matturn off pa sya. Hahahaha.

  • I can be cheesier than Ted Mosby.
  • I dance. And I’m not very good at it. It’s horrible, inappropriate, and just pops out-of-nowhere.
  • I’m hard to surprise because I know everything. So you better practice your, “What?! No!” face just in case I figure out that you’re plotting something.
  • I’m aware of how cute I am, but you still have to tell me!
  • I’m really REALLY competitive. And I happen to be with a person who’s better than me at everything! Well, ya. That’s one of the reasons why I love him. :”>
  • I don’t know how to sit properly so sorry if that kind of thing annoys you.
  • I trip. A lot.
  • There are days when I get extremely anti-social. Actually, I think “There are days when I can be social,” would be more appropriate.
  • I can change moods in 5 second intervals, but I guess this is actually a good thing. One moment I’m angry, the next moment I’m making jokes!
  • I’m terrible at jokes.
  • I don’t get cold easily. But I still like cuddling and hugging so I guess it’s okay. :>
  • I don’t know about my sleeping behavior, but based on stories from my cousins, I’m a pillow and kumot hogger.
  • I have many blooper moments.
  • I get obsessed with things. Especially with TV shows. And I will push you until you’ve watched each and every episode! It’s all right, I happen to be a woman of taste.
  • I will force you to have a mani-pedi/spa/massage date with me. Nope, “but I’m a guy!” isn’t an excuse. You won’t regret it naman! It’s the third best thing, next to food.
  • For a girl who knows of Season 1 Dan Humphrey, I’m actually very low maintenance. So if I get angry, which rarely happens, and say stuff like, “You know what other guys would do? Compromise! Because I’m a girl and I deserve to be treated like one!” Don’t reply with, “What other guys are you talking about?! Dan Humphrey? John Cusack? The little prince? Mikael Blomkvist? Prince Charming? Lavon Hayes?” That’s below the belt, bruh. Never reference my attachment to fictional characters in a fight. I will cry over it every once in a while, when I’m alone.
  • I’m actually the guy in a relationship. I don’t like complications, ayaw ko ng pasikot-sikot, ayaw kong nangangapa. Even if I’m very good at reading people, I’m not very good at reading angry people because of my low self-esteem. I’m inlove with compromising.
  • Masakit ako mamalo. 😦
While there may be others, I can’t think of any of them now. To Joel, it’s too late now, isn’t it? Haha. ‘Cause there’s not a chance in hell that you would leave me for something as shallow as potentially annoying behaviors. :”>
Excuse my cheesiness,

Another thing is that I have a blog. Right now, I can tell you that I’m beyond posting horrible things about you if ever we break up, but I can’t speak for my post-break-up self. She’d probably drunk blog and then tag the post with UP is full of horrible people just to get attention.

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