Basically Talentless

Nothing could ever be more painful than waking up one morning with the realization that you have nothing you’re exceptionally good at. Mediocrity is your mantra. Jack of all trades, master of none. All that shiz. Sidenote: I really should decide on my superlatives and absolutes. I have too many, “Nothing could ever be more than ‘s.” Like today, nothing scares me more than the thought of being lactose intolerant. That’s not really true. A lot of things scare me. I’m turning into Barney Stinson and his a little too many, “I have only one rule”‘s.

Music. I can sing decently most of the time. I can play the violin. I can play the piano. But that’s exactly it, it’s just CAN. I can’t say that I’m good at any of these stuff. In fact, there are days when I try playing and afterwards I just wanna lay in fetal position and cry myself to sleep over how horrible I am at the things I love.

Writing. Don’t even expand on this, self. Don’t even. You can’t. You know that one pottery episode in Community where Jeff got really frustrated and obsessed because he’s not good at it? Turns out the reason was when he was younger, his mother gave him a little too many compliments which led him to believe that he would be good at anything! Well, that’s the story of my life. My mom said once that my ~blog~ was entertaining at best so what did I do? I bought a domain! And now, look at all my quality posts!

Dressing up. I like looking good. My best friend had this prophecy back when we were in elementary that went something like, “Pag naging teenager ka na, ikaw pa yung magiging kikay.” Those were the days kasi na I didn’t even care how I looked like. My uniform would be so blah, hair all messy, and I didn’t even have the decency to wear earrings even if my mom kept on pestering me every morning! Well, I guess it came true. I really, really like dressing up. But as stated in the intro, exceptionally good at. Well, I guess it’d be hard to be exceptionally good at fashion when you’re both poor and maarte. (Translate: I don’t like going to ukays ’cause I have this hate hate hate relationship with the sun and heat. It’s also why I don’t like jogging and walking. If the tennis court here in Villamor wasn’t covered, I wouldn’t even bother learning the sport.) But, everytime the boyfriend says, “Ganda mo ngayon ah! :>” super achievement na talaga yun. :>

Gaming. I can’t even beat Joel in Tetris and I can’t comprehend all the ~moves~ on Tekken that I googled the other day. Again, just another thing that I’m decent at.

Dancing. HAHA. Puh-lease.

Math. I like Math. The thought of Math thrills me. It’s because in Math, everything is fixed. Once you learn something, it will be the same all throughout, no matter how far you get. If you encounter changes, there would be a logical explanation. I like logic. No matter what language, the rules would always be the same. But again, I’m just decent on this one, or that’s what I’d like myself to believe. There goes my self-esteem!

Facts-that-make-people-go-Woah!-for-5-seconds-but-then-forget-because-it’s-just-that-irrelevant. Also, giving-a-longer-version-of-the-word-trivia. Trivial things fascinate me. But I’m also good at forgetting. I like thinking that I’m good with trivia, but I’m really not. Or maybe I am? I can’t even think of one right now! But I know a lot. Believe me, I do!

I can’t think of anything else, because right now my mind is being occupied with that one episode in Gossip Girl where this douchey co-worker tells Serena that Dan was right when he said that she was so used to having things go her way, that when the time comes that she’d have to make an effort, she’d be lost.

And I guess that’s where I kind of am right now. I’m coming to that realization that life isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. That no matter how much you think you deserve something, there’s gonna be some people who’d take it away from you for their own personal gain.

There goes the premise that this post was supposed to be masochistically funny. Train of thought can be such a bitch sometimes.

Still not starting on that New Year’s Resolution of sticking to one topic per blogpost,

PS I like making TV references. A lot. Abed is my TV alter-ego.

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