New Year’s is awesome!

If you noticed the lack of the mandatory how-was-my-Christmas blogpost, it’s because I don’t like talking about things that suck. So here’s to the best holiday ever instead!

If you’re one of those people who are anti-New Year’s, there must be something wrong with you. New Year’s is the most fantastic holiday ever invented in the history of humankind! One good reason would be all of the fireworks! My personal favorite is the ~fountain~ It’s a firework display that’s just half a meter in front of you! How cool is that? If half a meter is too long or too short, I’m sorry. I don’t know really know how long that is.

Another reason New Year’s is awesome is that it’s not religion-sensitive. Everyone can celebrate New Year’s. Last Christmas, I made the mistake of greeting one of my favorite people on the ~innernette~ only for him to reply that he doesn’t do Christmas. I felt so ashamed. I was raised in an environment where practically everyone is Christian, whaddyu expect?

I also have no qualms about leaving bad things behind, forgiving and forgetting, starting over, all that shiz. I’m actually an expert on it. Like Friendster, for example. I just deleted my Friendster account without worrying about all the pictures and memories and blah blah. I just felt like deleting it. HAHAHA.

New Year’s also serves as a free pass to get all cheesy, madrama, and reminisce-y. So to everyone who made my 2011 great, thank you! 🙂 And to everyone who made it miserable, fuck you. Hahahaha.

To all the friends who stayed even though I’m not exactly good on the keeping-in-contact part. To all the friends who didn’t leave even after everything. To all the friends whom I know will be there for me whenever I need them. To all the friends who made me smile. To all the friends who didn’t make me regret that I’m too trusting. To all the friends who are always there to listen, thank you. 😀

That whole paragraph was a cliche, but to quote the great Marshall Eriksen, “Cliches are cliches for a reason. They’re comforting.” And they’re also true. I know I’m very hard to deal with so to all the people who are still there, salamat sa pagttyaga. 🙂

Thank God for these people :>

These three will always be on my people-to-never-forget list. We only get to hang out like 5 times a year, maybe even less, but they always know what’s going on in my mind. I can say everything I want to say when I’m with them. Every fallen tear, every mistake I’ve made, and never have I received any judgment. :> Bes, Erine, and Boli, salamat. :”>

Words cannot describe how much I miss and love these three. Hahaha okay I’m tearing up. :)) Joey, Caila, and Fidel, sorry I’m not visiting! 😦 I have gifts for you paaa! 😀 Here’s to Von, Will, Migi, and Richard too! I miss you guys! :> Actually buong Uno. :>

Plus Monz! :> Sya yung nagpicture kaya wala sya. :))
Ansabe ng sideview?

Thank you, MakSci for putting these couples together. :> I don’t exactly know how our friendships started but I’m glad it did. I love this bunch. :> (Sorry na kay Dave na walang ka-couple. :)) )
Sosyal ka, solo picture mo. :)) Hindi ko alam kung kailan naging isa si Kenut sa mga taong maaasahan ko, pero yun sya. Hahaha. Lagi man syang nagrereklamo kasi kinakausap ko lang sya pag may kailangan ako, go pa din naman sa pagaadvice at pagtulong. Salamat sayo, Kenut, at sa kulot mong buhok. Sana maging maswerte ka sa babae ngayong taon, o baka naman kasi sila yung malas sayo. Hindi ko alam. HAHAHAHA.

Girls from high school :> The few ones that I really treasure. Even if we’re not talking that much na, you guys will always have that special place in me. :> Wala akong makitang picture namin ni Ate She, kainis. :/

My family ❤ My life would be miserable if I didn't have these three as my family. I've proven that last Christmas, Chen and Wawin weren't around and it just felt incomplete. I've never said, "I love you," to them but I really do. I really really do love you, guys.
Bago ka pa makapagtampo kasi ang tagal mo, eto ka na o. :> Salamat ng marami sa’yo. I’ve said this before and I think I won’t ever stop saying it: When everyone else walked out on me, you came back. That means a lot. Sobrang thank you. Sorry for all the things I’ve put you through. 😦 I think the only one who could compete with you in the people whom I hurt the most race would be my mom. Sorry I’m so destructive. :/ anyway, alam mo namang mahal kita e. :> We still have that family to build, someday. :> Just hang in there, we’ll get through everything together 😉 13 years old pa lang ako may ek ek na ko sa’yo, bakit pa ako titigil, lalo na ngayon, diba? :>

2011 was such an eventful year, not just for me but for the whole world. I still can’t believe that Steve Jobs and Christopher Hitchens are dead, and Amy Winehouse turned from ugly drug addict to a saint. The London riots, Occupy Wall Street, the last movie of Harry Potter. Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor. Sure there were miserable parts but fuck them all. We now have 2012 ahead of us and in case the Mayans got this right, let’s live this coming year as if it were our last. 😀
So many things to look forward to, like the Avengers! 2012 will be my year, I swear it.

Another reason to love the New Year would be the start of year-long projects, and for 2012, it’d be 366 somethings! I decided to go with 366 thoughts because I don’t think I could focus on one thing. Another blogpost coming up! This such a loser ending for this post.

xx and hope you had a fun New Year’s,


I’ve been told that I’m too gullible, that I trust people too easily, and that I’d believe practically anything anyone tells me. I’ve always thought that it was one of my good traits because doubts just make me feel like a bad person. I never liked doubting people, because in the first place, the one thing I hate the most is being doubted. Yes, this year wasn’t the first time I placed my bets on the wrong people but I think this instant was the one where it hurt the most. I’m not exactly one to hold grudges, I’m actually too forgiving for my own good, so here’s to recovering what was lost. I’m just gonna leave this right here. 🙂

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