The 16th of December

Look at Joel’s anniversary present! One of the best gifts anyone has given me :>

In case Cars isn’t at the top of your ~Best Disney Animated Films,~ I suggest you look back and rethink your life decisions. Cars is simply the best with Meet the Robinsons running close in second place.

I’ve never been a fan of the traditional Filipino ligaw scene. Girls who prolong the courting procedure because they’re making pakipot disgust me to the heavens and back. I think the only acceptable reason as to why you should prolong it would be if you’re unsure of your feelings or if you’re unsure of your pursuer’s true intentions. I mean, if you like the guy, why would you reject him just so he would continue giving you presents and carry your bag? It just all seems pointless to me.
I’m not a very big fan of “the-guy-should-do-everything” thing for you, either. Girls can’t just bitch around and expect the guy to understand while every single mistake of guy gets criticized by his girlfriend. That’s just wrong. I’m all for equal rights, dude. Equal rights.
But if there’s one thing that I like, it’s the harana. It’s always been my dream for some dude to knock in my door, suck everything up, and just sing to me, complete with an acoustic ensemble. It’s extra kilig when the guy who’s doing it for you is very embarassed of his singing voice. :>
That’s why I enjoyed yesterday so much. Joel came to my house to fetch me. I kept on insisting that we meet somewhere na lang. Equal rights. But he was very persistent in making me sundo, so all for the spirit of our second anniversary, I just conceded. When he arrived here, I was really kilig na when he handed me the stuffed Lightning McQueen. Hihihihihi. Seriously, this was more than enough. But then I saw three of our friends hiding with 2 guitars and a flute. Joel sang I Could Not Ask for More and Forevermore to me. If people could die from giddiness, I’d be long gone by now. Thank you, Cardinal. :>
And with that, I would like to thank UST for hiring all the best bands evuuur for us. :> Panira nga lang yung 6CycleMind. Hahaha. And thanks din for the awesome firework display. You must really love us, we don’t even go there! Hahaha.
There was a downside to the harana thing, though. You see, the night of the 15th was my turn for gift giving and surprising. So I asked Jecjec if he could learn the song Such Great Heights for me. Buut, he made up some excuse and cancelled on the last minute so my surprise failed. 😦 Turns out the real reason he cancelled was because he was practicing Joel’s piece! We should widen our circle of friends. Haha.
You know how in your teen years, that one question keeps popping up? “How do you know if the love you’re feeling is real?” No one really knows the answer. Most of the time, people just answer “Ewan ko’s” and say things like, “If he makes you smile.” Well, I think I’ve got an answer–albeit, a vague one–for it now.
It may sound cliche, but I never tire of Joel’s presence. We could be the only two people in the world and I won’t complain. Just as long as we have a lifetime supply of fried chicken and ice cream. A boyfriend who’s also my best friend, confidante, and protector. That one relationship I never ever want to stop. I used to be that person who appears to be so fricken attached to a relationship, but in reality, mang-iiwan lang din sa huli. It seems mean, but that’s what I realized when I fell in love with Joel. I don’t really savor the thought of being attached to a person, but Joel just makes it feel so good and love-ish.
A life without him would be incomplete. It may sound cheesy, but I super friggin love that person. Please don’t let it end. We’re in for the long haul, please don’t let anything that might change that happen. I know I haven’t been exactly religious ever since priests stopped making sense, but please. Just don’t ever let this end. Of all things, this is the one that I am not capable of letting go. Ever.

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