Them Outfit Shots

As if my weight that is fated to impending doom wasn’t enough heartbreaking proof that I have no future in modelling, I decided to take outfit shots tonight. (See also: Inggitera Forever)

I can blame so many things for the failure of ALL the shots that was taken, some of them being the loser lighting in my room, the fact that the one taking my pictures is my 14-year-old cousin whom I would never encourage to take up photography, or my loser cam. But the truth is, I just can’t do them lookbook poses. O, self, why do you continually do damage to your self-esteem?

So to make up for the eyesore that is my poor posture and funny face, the following pictures would be a bunch of overprocessed (or is that two-worded?) photos using actions I downloaded because there’s not a chance in hell that I would overcome my laziness and actually learn how to use photoshop. Click Read on! if you dare.


I think this is the only ~*decent*~ shot HAHAHA

Oo, Ven! Parang nagpprepare ka lang magtantrum.
Hype this look on lookbook here.
I’m just kidding! But click the link anyway, it’s amusing!
And since I’ve already put myself through all this humiliation, pangangatawanan ko na!

Mango top and sling bag, ViseVersa vest, Comfit necklace, Adore shorts, Toxic Candy rings, and Aldo pumps. (Complete with links!)
Feel free laugh at me in the comments section. #simplengplug
Hoping that my ~*outfit*~ wasn’t all that bad,

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