Everyday is baboy day

So this is what Joel and I had for lunch today:

That’s not even our complete set! We lunched at BonChon and the chicken was very satisfying, as always. Although I still like Flaming Wings better, more because of their dips than the actual chicken. Well anyway, aside from that soy garlic chicken and the Bread Talk cake, we also got kimchi and calamari. Baboooy. I was just really craving for squid, okay?

No, the food tripping doesn’t end there. After lunch, we played a bit in Timezone to kill time while waiting for our movie, New Year’s Eve. And for the movie, we got ourselves a 16oz Wendy’s vanilla frosty shake, 16oz mango cheesecake blizzard, and some NYFD fries. The caloriiiiies.
Well, it was fun. :>
Also, you should try this game called Stack & Grab in Timezone! It’s like they’re just giving away stuffed toys! The game’s a combination of stacker and the claw thingy(hence Stack & Grab). If you win the stacker game, you get unlimited tries to get stuffed animals with the claw! How cool is that? Plus, the claw is really big and the stuffed animals are small so I get like, 2 or 3 everytime! See?
(Talunan lang yan kaya ganyan. HAHAHAHA)

That’s also part of the reasons why I’m scared of growing up. I wouldn’t want the days where a date = lunch + movie + timezone to end.
Also, I bought this from Terranova! Cute, right? :>
I think my wallet is already plotting my death, he hates me extremely for being such an impulsive buyer.

And did this!

After seeing all those DIY glitter shoes in A Pair and a Spare and Break My Style, I just had to satisfy my inggitera nature! Fun fact: I DON’T wear this kind of flats because practically the whole Philippines has one. And now you’re probably wondering why I even have one in the first place, it’s just comforting that I have one. And it seemed like a good idea before and while I was paying for it, until I got home and realized that it will just go unused. Well, at least it amused me for a good thirty minutes tonight.
You guys should watch New Year’s Eve if you want a chill movie and if you want to laugh. Sofia Vergara, she plays Gloria in Modern Family, was a constant source of laughter–and Zac Efron, too! It’s no Academy nominee and it will probably get bucketfuls of bad reviews but I liked it. I can’t manage to hate romantic comedies no matter how cliche they can get and no matter how much I tell myself to start to get more critical about movies.
It’s a sickness.

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