Christmas Wish List: The mandatory blog post for this season

December have evolved into my favorite month; it used to be February because it’s my birthday month–yes, I’m that conceited– and because of Valentine’s Day. Ngayon, December na. It’s because of Christmas and December 16 is our anniversary and December is awesome.

Since I’ve already bought most of the stuff I’ve wanted for Christmas during the past weeks–an awesome bag, them cute accessories from Toxic Candy, Belle de Jour Planner, 1Q84, Solitude of Prime Numbers, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Dream A Little More shirts–this will be a short list na lang. Hihi. And since my mom reads my blog, HI MOMMYYY. :))

1. I will never tire of stuffed animals. This year’s preference: an Ewok.

2. Babolat AeroPro Drive

Now, who wouldn’t want this baby? Actually, I’ve been wanting this racquet ever since who knows when but never got around to actually buying one because I wanted to get good at the sport first. I’m just not in Babolat Aero Pro Drive level, yet. You’ll get there, self. You’ll get there. And oh, speaking of tennis, let me introduce you to John Isner.

2. A lava lamp

I’ve been wanting a lava lamp ever since that episode in Fairly OddParents where Crocker’s uncle–who is, in turn, obsessed with genies–was introduced. I don’t even know where to buy a lava lamp!
3. Them bladeless electric fans
The first time I saw one of these was during my trip to Singapore last summer. Kuya Ton even told me that if you insert your hand in the hole, you’d be electrocuted.
4. A Magic Mouse for Digby
It just seems so awesome. It’s heartbreaking that it’s not even available on the Philippine Apple store! Just like that Iron Man decal that I really wanted but wasn’t available anywhere. Talk about racist. Geez.
5. That shoe from Charles & Keith. I can’t find the picture from the online store, but it’s really cute. Mom and I saw it after watching Sound of Music in Newport. Hope it’s still there when we go back!
6. Lastly, Woouf beanbags.
I think Woouf beanbags would be on every wishlist I’d make unless I could convince myself that they’re not overpriced.
How about you? Got any material wishes for Christmas? 🙂

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