5 Types of Students in the Library

Ah, the library. A national treasure, a place where we can unravel a piece of the wise man’s mind. A tranquil place where you can spend your free time studying or doing homework. In the student’s mind, however, it’s somewhere along these lines: “Tara sa library! Ang init e!”
Don’t get me wrong, the library is a wonderful place where you can get everything you need, academic wise. It’s just that, we’re young. Teehee. And if you’re hanging out at the library on a rainy day, instead of rushing to get home, you must be really really really dedicated to studying.
 There are different kinds of people in the library, too.
  1. O, studious one. These are the kinds of people who are really intent on studying, they even have the time to read some advanced materials. They spend their breaks eating and book hopping.

  2. The crammers. How to identify a crammer: Messy hair, tons of books, notebooks, and yellow pad in hand–scanning one material to the next every 30 seconds– and tons of different shades of highlighter, because crammers have somehow gotten into their heads  the idea that the number of words you highlight is directly proportional to the things that you learn. There’s also the bury-your-head-in-the-books-every-five-minutes move. “Hey! Maybe osmosis will work!”

  3. The sleepers. The library is a good place to sleep in. You’re lucky if you’re a light sleeper because then if the librarian happens to pass by, you can just lift your head up slowly, check the sides of your mouth for “residues,” place one hand in forehead, and pretend to read. If you, however, fell into a deep sleep and a strict librarian happens to catch you, just look down and brisk walk the hell out of the place!

  4. The group workers. These students go to the library with the intent to really accomplish something, but of course, the inevitable occurs. They start with, “What are we going to do”s but five minutes later, they just chika the time away even if the librarian constantly gives them the “Ssh!” If they don’t have a member who’s a studious type, they usually end up being one of the crammers.

  5. Lastly, the casual goers. They don’t have anything better to do so they go to the library. Casual goers can compare to the studious types in terms of productiveness, if the airconditioning doesn’t manage to squeeze a yawn out of them. If the yawn comes, however, please refer to number 3.
Which one are you?


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