I swear I’m not trying to pose as a fashion blogger

Please excuse the two consecutive posts about my kaartehan. It’s just that I bought 2 pairs of shoes today using my own money and when you’re like me who’s super dependent, that’s kind of a big deal.

Since there’s not a chance in hell that my mom would allow me to shop shoes online–she says that it would be hard to buy shoes that you couldn’t fit, and I agree–I got really thrilled when I learned that Comfit opened a boutique over at SM North. I reread that “sentence” a million times and I feel really uncomfortable because I feel that there are lots of punctuation errors.
I don’t know if this applies to everyone or if it’s just me, and probably my friend Richard, but there’s just this higher level of joy when you get new shoes than the level new clothes gives. And now, I discovered that it’s even more overwhelming when you buy it with your own money. I can’t wait ’til I finally get a real job. :>
Maturity +10
Now that that’s done, can we just applaud my non-existent photography and photoshopping skills?

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