One of the things that I deeply regretted was stopping to have piano lessons. It’s just that when you’re in Grade 2, it’s easy to lose interest in things, you know what I mean? Especially when you have my way of thinking: Master the basics and you can accomplish anything! While this may be true, my idea of “basic” when I was 8 was until a grade 2 piano book.

So I started playing again and learned this song! I just needed an intro to introduce it, actually. I didn’t want to be the douche that just randomly posts things into her blog as if blogspot was some kind of place I put my unsorted thoughts in. Hihi.

Click this click this! The song is Birdy’s version of Skinny Love. Enjoy! 😀 I also posted the link on Tumblr and Twitter because I’m somewhat proud of it. SHAMELESS PLUGGING AT ITS FINEST.

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