Of all the things that I could get from my mom…

…it had to be clumsiness. 😐 My mom is a super amazing person–adolescent Ven would say otherwise but don’t listen to her because she’s one of the stupidest people you’d ever meet. My mom’s one of those people who’s genuinely complete even without having someone to grow old with and I really admire that. She’s already 50+ and you won’t find a trace of regret in her face when she says na, “Okay nang may Venus ako, no.” Now if only I got that trait of hers: bravery and the power to not overthink.

So, I tripped big time this morning and I say big time because I always trip. Natatapilok ako kahit wala naman talagang kakatapilukan. Di na nga nagugulat/natatawa/nag-aalala mga tao kapag natatapilok ako e, kasi lagi nang nangyayari. Even here at home, I always fall from the stairs. Hahah. That’s why this morning nung nadapa ako when I left mom’s office, di na sya bago.

The thing is, I tripped sa tapat ng hospital and there was this soldier who saw me and he panicked and he said, “Naku! Dadalhin kita sa ospital! Ayan lang o, wait papakuhanan kitang wheel chair.” Talk about vigilance, diba? Sundalo nga si manong. :))

So I texted my mom in all caps, “MMY! PUNTA KANG OSPITAL!” yknow, for dramatic effect. So she called all worried and when I said “Natapilok ako, e may nakakitang sundalo. Ayun. Now I need your ID.” I needed her ID for proof na I’m a soldier’s dependent. So when she got to the hospital, you know what she said? “Hala ka, di na flawless legs mo.” Hahaha. It’s not that she’s uncaring, it just always happens and never pa naman ako napahamak or anything. So the protocol was to have my foot x-rayed to be sure and it was taking all too long at naiinip na kami ni mommy so she just said to the doctor na babalik na lang kami tomorrow kasi we thought na it wasn’t serious naman.

Long story short, I went on with my lakad and now, namamaga na sya. Hahaha.

Pardon the cheap webcam photos. Gross no?
Well, I took two 500mg painkillers because I thought twas just 50mg, which was bucketfuls of stupid, and I’m still high as fuck. Funny that the moment I got home, the second thing I thought of was, “Hey! I should post a picture of this on the internet!” The first was to call my mom.

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