Pics or it didn’t happen

There’s a 4-year-old kid here in our house named Mica (she’s the daughter of our ate) and everytime Praybeyt Benjamin’s trailer shows on TV, she just laughs hysterically and says, “Mama, panoorin natin ‘yan, ha!” And then, “Ate Oyie, panoorin natin yung, yung, Praybeyt Benjamin,” and some, “Ate Venus oh, si Vice Ganda. Hahahaha.”

So finally, my mom gave in and we went to Glo yesterday to watch. It was a bit of a shame because there were SO MANYYY good movies that were showing. In Time, 30 Minutes or Less, and Puss in Boots. I even asked my mom if we could just watch Puss in Boots since it’s an animated film naman, but, she just said, “Eh Praybeyt Benjamin nga ang gusto.”

Well, anyway,  we arrived there at about 1:30 and the movie shows at 3:45 pa soooo, Timezone! Yaaaay! My mom was exceptionally generous and gave us lots for load (that’s how she is when gets guilty for making me put up with things I don’t like HAHAHA) and since movie tickets come with those Timezone promos, we got even more. It was like playing wantusawa.

The movie was good, you’ll certainly laugh so it wasn’t much of a waste of our Php170. My mom and I kept looking at each other everytime the whole cinema would laugh at something we find baduy and she whispered to me at one point, “Atleast masaya mga kasama natin. Hahahaha.”

We also brought two my two favorite cousins in the world, Chen and Wawin, so it was extra fun. There was a point where we had to split because my mom had to take care of some business so Chen and I bought food. I felt that my mom just kept herself from scolding us because we bought so many things. Major popcorns, bigtime drinks, yogurt for everyone, and chips. Of course, we didn’t get to eat everything so we had so many “junk” food to take home. I’m so lucky to have Chen live so near, it’s like having a sister na rin that you could consider as your partner-in-crime and apprentice on how to have fun teenage years. :”>

About the title, I need to buy my own camera with my own money. It would have been sweet if I had some sort of documentation of fun days like this.

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