Healthy Living with Joel Cardinal and Venus Banaag

I cannot fully express with words the immensity of the pleasure I feel whenever I’m near
 burgers. And it always thrills me when you find that one special burger that tastes unlike any other. (It’s a talent that I have. I can romanticize ANYTHING.)
Moving on, today, Joel and I ate at *drum rolls* Stackers Burgers! And I think this will be my second favorite burger place, next to Wham, of course. And to you Zark’s fans, I’m sorry, it’s just not my taste.
I ordered one of the most unhealthy “salads” you’d ever see, their Barbecue Burger Bowl.
It’s a quarter pound of patty mixed with jicama, salad greens, cute little tiny tomatoes, corn, and some kind of dressing topped with bbq sauce. Pretentious never tasted this good.
As for Joel, he got a Jack burger :>
I know that the picture is quite unappealing, but the burger is really awesome it gives a food-gasm. Their patties are so good kasi, the tastes are well balanced. 😉
We also got a full order of fish and fries.
Joel said that the fish didn’t suit the whole “American” ensemble but I loved it, so. Haha.
It’s such a bummer that we only tried Stackers Burger now. 😦 Well, will definitely go back soon!
Yun nga lang, after eating, sobrang feeling baboooooy. But worth it. 😉

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