As of yesterday, we have had a house full of rambutan. And of course, that’s just a hyperbole. My mom just brought home so much of it, like, two baskets. And I used to love rambutan back when I was little, but now I hate it. And it’s all because I once ate a rambutan that wasn’t the least bit delicious, kaya ayaw ko na forever.
That’s my problem with food, even if I used to super want it, when I taste a bad one/a badly cooked one, I won’t eat it na forever. Like tilapia, I used to look forward to eating whenever I see na tilapia yung ulam; but one time, I ate a tilapia that tasted like mud, it was super blah, you can never make me eat a tilapia ever again.
Same goes with tasting a certain kind of food for the first time. If it tastes gross the first time I try it, I won’t taste it ever again no matter how much you convince me and say stuff like, “Pangit lang yung luto nun,” or “Hindi lang sya hinog.” Nuh-uh. No, thanks. Nope. Ayaw ko.
Now, if you know me personally, you would half-expect that this would be followed by some sort of epiphany on wanting something or whatever that is related; but it’s not. I just really wanted to share that fact about myself because I need to talk about food since I’m not tasting much of it these days.

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