Let me talk about food

So I haven’t been posting a lot in here because I’ve started with this literary fantasy, the story of Julienne Prescott, that I’ve got outlined in a little notebook and I told myself that I wouldn’t post here unless it’s Chapter 2. But of course, I’m not a gifted writer nor do I have the time to write, read, rewrite, read, then rewrite and read again until I’m satisfied so I’ve been trying to come to terms with the fact that Julienne would have to wait for days now so here I am and I will talk about food.
I have gained a lot of weight ever since who knows when and I have been determined to get back what once was mine, which I would call the-days-when-my-bestfriend-still-qualified-me-as-hot, for so long now. But the problem is everytime my brain’s already in that conditioned state wherein I exercise and eat less, Joel gets in the picture. HAHAHAH.
Being THAT comfortable with a person is dangerous to girl’s figure.
I don’t even want to think how much calories that one meal had. And we pretty much eat like that everytime we’re together. HAHA.
Something must be done. Boyfriend layer must be lost.
In other news, my 3-year-old nephew greeted me with an, “Wow! Ang sexy naman ni Ate Venus!” this morning. I wish everyone, including myself, had his eyes.
PS Flaming Wings will be forever awesome.

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