Now Go Get Yourself Loved

Now who would’ve thought that our guy Ted Mosby had it in him? This ozm movie was written and directed by Josh Radnor himself. He’s also one of the main characters. How naturally his lines must have come to him, huh?
Happythankyoumoreplease is a… generational movie. It tells the story of a group of people who are self-destructive and cynical and their own ways as they venture life through New York City and each of the character’s stories teach the viewers the many ways in which a person can love and be loved.
I especially liked how this movie is as normal and realistic as it can get that if not presented in the right way, it would come off as boring. But it didn’t. It’s one of the most inspirational movies I will ever watch, and I don’t mean Paulo-Coelho-inspirational here.
There’s something that this movie captured about this generation that other movies have not. The script was very conversational, no attempts to make it into the “Most Remembered Movie Quotes of the Century”, but it touched me in a way that others movies can’t.
The casting was perfect. It may not be star-studded, but there was not a single person that I hated. And I especially liked Zoe Kazan’s character, Mary Catherine. She played it very well.
And this is starting to suck so I now suggest that you download it and watch. It’s a really good movie. I wouldn’t be wasting my time blogging about it if it weren’t a good watch, right? 🙂

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