Of Macbook Pros and Sweet Dads

Hello, let me introduce you to Digby, and to a beautiful story…
You see, daddy almost didn’t buy me this Macbook Pro because some dark force told him that it would not be practical to buy a new laptop now because technology is constantly changing and new models are coming and going every half a year, may be even every quarter.
So yesterday, we just went to the mall for a normal day. Here’s when my mom comes in. She told my dad we should go to Switch (an Apple store) to check out the model that I want and I said naman, “Ayoko, baka umiyak ako. :(“
But we went ahead anyway, and I just distracted myself with some really cute iPhone cases so as to prevent myself from crying a river. I should probably make it very clear that the moment I laid my eyes on this baby, I knew we were meant to be~ And I’m not the only one who thinks so. See? (Sorry I’m making you read backwards, I’m too lazy to flip it, lol)
So let’s get back on track. While I was distracting myself with some really awesome speakers, the next thing I know, daddy was already paying for MY macbook pro! MY Digby! :> And to tell you honestly, I cried, a bit. Because it was totally unexpected. And I already gave up on it. And then they suddenly bought it! Okay, maybe I’m just justifying myself. That in reality, I am a materialistic bitch that cries tears of joy because of a Macbook Pro instead of Oprah. Or something.
But srsly, that feeling when you already gave up on something then suddenly it’s there right in your arms? Nevermind.
I should thank my mom, really. Kasi sya yung nagconvince kay daddy na bilhin na cause I got really disappointed when he told me na we weren’t gona buy na. Kasi naman ever since we planned on buying, I’ve been checking the Apple site every waking minute to check on the specs I already know by heart, to check what apps to download, etc.
So this is getting really boring so let me just share you ze details of the other half of the title, “Sweet Dads.”
My dad doesn’t live in our house kasi, he lives in Batangas because of complicated family issues that I would rather not talk about. And basically because his hospital’s there. So when we got home na I texted him this really long message that just basically means thank you and that I love him and that I miss having him around really badly. And since my parents are the king and queen of short replies, I half-expected a reply that goes something like, “That’s nothing sweetheart, I love you, too.”
But instead, I got this: “That was a small amount for that sweet smile of yours. I miss you, too. I love you.”
Still short, but sweet.

And this is why I made a blogspot account again. :))
In other news, guess who has 3 UST Php200 bills?
That’s right, me! XD
Well then, cheerio!
PS If you’re wondering why Digby, I named him after the Ned’s dog. 😀 (Pushing Daisies) So, uh, yah. Bye!

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